Resolution Check In: January Update

I hope you´ve all had a good week!  I had a bit of a rough week.  Well, I take that back.  I had a very rough Wednesday and that kind of taints my perception of the week.  But upon closer inspection, I can happily report, it was a good week (with the exception of Wednesday–I was very sick and feeling beyond gross).

You all were so kind in your comments on my last post.  I guess I didn´t realize how lonely I had been feeling until it all came out there.  Thanks for your kindness and words of encouragement.

On a personal note, this week I´ve made progress in feeling more comfortable spending time with C and M and my nephews and not feel like I was barging in too much on their family time.  I´m still working on finding a balance there. If it were up to me, I would be holding them and playing with them 24/7. I love these kids. But I don’t want to interfere, and I’ve been kind of sick and so I keep my distance. I just feel like it’s an honor and a privilege to be a witness to so much intimate sweetness. I love these boys and I´m so grateful to have this time with them.  I know I´ll always treasure these months fondly.

At work, 10% of non-customer-facing positions were eliminated on Thursday.  That means a lot of good, hard working people got laid off.  This was hard news to hear.  First, I was a little shocked my position wasn´t affected, since my position is pretty new.  Secondly, I was sad for the well-tenured people whose positions just suddenly no longer exist.  Third, I was grateful to work for a big company, who–despite laying people off–provides them very cushy severance packages, and allows them to be first choice for any other open positions.

And that´s it.  We´re a whole month in to 2015, and at times I feel like it´s gone by really quickly, while simultaneously feeling like I´ve been here forever.  Enough with the cliches.  I´m here today to check in with my 2015 resolutions.

  • Portuguese – Michael has the Rosetta Stone on his computer and hasn´t given it to me yet.  I could be doing this daily, but I´m not.
  • Baking blog –  I love my baking blog, but seeing as how I´m kind of homeless I don´t feel comfortable using C and M´s kitchen for cooking or fridge/pantry for storing things, I really haven´t cooked at all.  I miss it, a lot actually.  I went home last weekend and Michael and I ordered Chinese food and pizza.  I could have cooked, but I didn´t.  I was tired.
  • Increase savings – I´ve bumped my emergency savings up from 5% to 10% this month and it feels great!
  • Charity – I´m donating 1% of my income to some needy kids I personally know.
  • Car – I still haven´t learned anything, but I´m grateful Michael´s stepdad knows so much.  His power steering went out last week–just randomly! while driving!–and his stepdad fixed it right away.
  • Free concerts – This is only my second weekend here and I don´t really have it together yet.  I did look up stuff and put it in my calendar, so I´m getting there.
  • Tracking net worth – If you recall, I realized this was a fiasco early in the month, and have decided to track debt and savings instead (see below).
  • Improve credit score – This is kind of cheating, kind of not, but I checked my credit report and realized there was something on there that was wrong, and so I contacted TransUnion, and they fixed it and my score went up like, 20 points.  Like magic!
  • Good routine – I´ve been to the gym after work every day since I got here (except Wed and Thurs of this week, sick, see above) and am happy to report I´ve lost 8 lbs in about 2 weeks.  I´m totally motivated to keep it up!

And so, without further ado, here is my progress report for January:

$1,278.55 +$135.58 gas card
$0.00 -$297.54 CC1
$118.49 -$67.00 mom´s CC
$2,950.99 +$38.19 CC2
$426.69 -$13.19 checking overages
$5,066.58 -$125.76 CC3
$7,403.86 -$79.87 CC4
$8,090.58 -$542.59 car
$5,250.00 $0.00 unsub2
$9,909.57 -$248.02 401k 1
$6,619.69 -$540.08 401k 2
$3,500.00 $0.00 sub
$6,000.00 $0.00 unsub1
$2,286.03 -$170.00 IRS
$58,901.03 -$1,910.28  TOTAL

$36,236.56 +$2,531.30 401k
$190.20 -$302.98 emergency savings
$36,426.76 $2,228.32 TOTAL

So I must say this has been a really eye-opening exercise for me.  Not only did I reduce my debt by $1910, I also added $2228 to my total savings pool.  If I hadn´t looked at the numbers I would have told you, “I don´t know.  It was an okay month,” but this puts real numbers on my progress, and gives me a bar to strive to surpass for next month.  Not to mention, I also saved for and paid for my husband´s tuition this month.  I guess I´m doing alright after all.  🙂

How are you?  Any big Super Bowl plans?  I´m going by Michael´s cousin´s house.  They´re having friends over and her husband is smoking ribs.  I can´t wait.  🙂

12 thoughts on “Resolution Check In: January Update

  1. Congrats on the debt payoff and 8 lbs! Sorry you were sick! 😦 Lots of people seem to have gone through the same things lately. No big SB plans as of yet. I know of a party but I haven’t gotten an invitation yet. Maybe it’s a good thing…less bad food and drinking, and I could get some stuff done around the house. 🙂


    • Thanks! I’m feeling way better now 🙂 I ended up going to the SB party. Can’t turn down free food/fun! Although I did bring a fruit tray–the healthiest thing at the party. Haha


    • Thanks! If you care to know, don’t be afraid of the scale! Check in with it once in a while. Just to have a frame of reference. Just don’t go too far in the other direction, I’m kind of hooked on stepping on the scale every day which is NOT good. Haha.


  2. Fantastic post. I’ve told myself I’m going to work on my abs in 2015 and I’ve done nothing….but on a business front I’m WAY ahead of where I thought I’d be this year. If I could have both, that’d be fantastic.


  3. You’re doing great, Chela. Your financial numbers were awesome and an 8 pound weight loss is great! Keep up the good work.


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