Why Now, Cavities?!

Okay, I´ll be the first to admit it:  I got really genetically lucky concerning my teeth.  I´m almost 30 and I´ve never had a single cavity.  I´ve never had a root canal or an implant or a bridge or whatever else people have done in their mouths.  No braces.  Other than getting my wisdom teeth out when I was 18, nothing other than routine cleanings.  Ever.

My godfather has been my dentist all my life.  He´s excellent in his field and is often published in journals and lectures at conferences.  It´s been great going to him.  He´s my parents´ best friend and their whole family has been our adopted family in the U.S.  I trust him completely and am certain there were times in my life when other dentists might have scammed me into “needing” x or y, but he never did.  I´ve gone to him for routine cleanings every 6 months since I was about 5 years old.  That´s all I´ve ever needed.  I want to clarify–I am, by no means, an oral hygiene freak.  I brush my teeth when I wake up in the mornings.  That´s it.

Well, that was it until I got married.  Michael likes to joke that because he´s “blessed and highly favored in the eyes of the Lord,” that´s why his teeth are so perfect, too.  Same deal with him.  No braces, no cavities.  Not sure about the wisdom teeth.  I´ll have to ask.  But he takes his oral hygiene much more seriously than I do.  He brushes twice a day, flosses and uses mouth wash daily.

When we got married (almost 2 years ago), he started asking, “what do you mean you´re not going to brush and floss before bed?”  I thought he was joking, but he was not.  He´d poke me and tickle me and shove me when necessary to get out of bed until I did it, and only then would allow me to return.  His habits have become mine now, too.  He´s especially ramped up his efforts since he quit smoking.  Every day he´d come show me his teeth, “see how clean they are?!” and it´s true.  It´s been about 5 months since he quit, and his teeth are noticably whiter.

So all of this has certainly lulled me into an (obvoiusly false) sense of security–I assumed we´d be cavity free forever!  Well, it seems I was wrong.

I just got dental insurance starting this year.  My godfather sees me for free, but was charging Michael, so best to get insurance to cover it.  Since we only ever get cleanings, I got the cheaper of the two insurances offered by my employer.  The one that basically only covers cleanings and xrays.  I definitely did not pick the more expensive one that offers lower deductibles on oral surgeries and stuff.  What for? *insert eye roll*

Oooh boy.  Michael and I both went for routine cleanings in early January–and guess what?!  WE BOTH HAVE CAVITIES.  For the first time in our lives.  I cannot believe it.  He has 3 and I have 2.  But apparantly my 2 are worse than 2 of his 3.  I´m in shock.  How could this be?  Has the Lord forgotten us?!  I´m kidding, but really… someone explain this to me.  Both of our oral hygiene routines have gotten better recently!

And so because my insurance was only like 1 day old when we got this news, the nice receptionist lady said she´d investigate how much getting this taken care of would cost us and get back to me.

Well, she got back to me.


Yep… You read that right.  Instead of paying $1901, we´ll “only” pay $1305.  That comes out to $261 per tooth–which I´m told is pretty reasonable.  But still…

Uggggg.  Yes, I have emergency savings (which I recently dipped into to pay for tuition).  Yes, I should probably have a separate healthcare savings account.  Yes, I´m grateful I have insurance and that at least $596 of the $1901 is covered.  Yes, I trust my godfather is telling the truth when he says this is necessary sooner rather than later.  And yes, he´ll probably let me pay him in interest-free installments.  Yes, yes.  I´m still a little disgusted by the whole thing.

But, what can you do?  Bite the bullet and do what must be done!  Sigh.  I´ll be scheduling these appointments soon.

Have you had any stupid things like this pop up out of the blue recently?

12 thoughts on “Why Now, Cavities?!

  1. I’m about a month out from being in your same shoes! Newly insured, feeling like I need a little dentist visit, and scared straight from the bill! The worst part about dental stuff is that you cannot procrastinate on this stuff at all. Gahh…hoping that everything works out well for your teeth!


  2. Ouch! I’m the brush after every meal and floss once per day gal, but even still I’ve had my fair share of those kinds of things. Two years ago it was a root canal. Of course none of this happened when I worked full time and had dental insurance…nope, totally out of pocket for me so it was about 2k. Not fun…nor was the procedure. lol! Yup, its just life stuff. 😦


    • Ooh gosh noooo, I’m sorry to any great med students out there but I wouldn’t trust something like my health to the inexperienced. Now, hair appointments on the other hand! I love going to the Aveda school for everything! 🙂


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