Another Door Opens

Dearest friends, thank you so much, as always, for you kind and supportive comments on my previous post.  Going back to why I write this blog, I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that it’s a record of my odyssey for myself.  It was a big deal for Michael to drop that class and I felt like such a jerk about my gut reaction, that I had to write it down.  !

Anyway.  On to this week!


Work has been going swimmingly!  I absolutely love my new job.  It’s very reporting and analytics based—which I love, but I’m also given a lot of creative leeway on projects—projects that are being implemented on a big scale and actually making a difference.  Yeah, I feel good about it.  Aaaand I’ve been having to present for and train a lot of district managers (guys that used to be my boss’ boss) and so to no longer be a little peon at the bottom of the barrel feels good.

I’m enjoying my new job so much, that I never want to leave.  I’m about half way through my 6 months, and the time is going by wayyyy too quickly.  I’m of course starting to get nervous about landing a permanent position after this.  I feel pretty confident that I’ll be able to get something, I’m just nervous about making the right choice for myself.

It’s hard to know which way to go, because if I look internally at positions that are posted and available now, well, they probably won’t still be open in June, so there’s really no way to know what will be available then.  There are generally a lot more jobs open in Alpharetta (Atlanta), but in June there may be something open in Houston, or anywhere else in the country.  Hard to know.

These are the 3 ways things could go:

  1. I could focus my efforts on staying in Houston, regardless of department/job
  2. I could look for a particular job, similar to what I’m doing now, and go to whichever city that will take me
  3. I could stick to Houston hard and look at working for other companies.  With my current experience and connections, I might be able to get something good here, with someone else—maybe.

When I was driving back this Sunday, I got to thinking how I really don’t want to be apart from Michael for another year.  No way.  It’s going fine for now, but I wouldn’t feel like I were doing my marriage justice if I did this for another year.

And so I was at a dead-end.  Why another year?  Michael only has one year left in school.  He already has 116 credit hours under his belt, and is taking 15 currently, so 131 total.  Schools only accept 60 transfer hours, typically.  So if he moved with me, he’d “lose” 71 credit hours—which is just absurd.  At best, that would be in the neighborhood of $15,000 lost (and time).  And so the thought was that he’d have to stay in New Orleans to finish his degree.  And there are no jobs for me in New Orleans.  What to do?!

What to do, what to do!?  I had been praying for an answer with increasing intensity.  And then, just like that, light shone through another door.  WHY had I been thinking schools would only accept 60 hours?  The only people I’ve known to transfer came from community colleges.  I looked at University of Houston’s transfer applicant site and it turns out they cap at 66 hours, but only for transfers from community colleges!  For Michael, coming from a traditional 4-year university, he can transfer everything, and can graduate from UHouston as long as he completes 30 hours with them.

I wish I could describe the relief that flooded through me when I realized this.  I felt so lucky, so blessed, so much less alone–like someone out there is looking after us.  I called Michael immediately and he was so happy, too!  A little Googling revealed that this is the case if he were to go to Georgia State in Atlanta, too—and I’m suspecting that anywhere we go, we’ll find a school with a similar policy.  But chances are, we’ll end up in Houston or Atlanta.

3-10-2015 1-40-50 PMWhat about tuition, being out-of-state, etc?  Well, I’m going to be thinking this through in depth here on the blog in the coming months.  Sure, out-of-state tuition is more expensive than in-state BUT if he can get a transfer scholarship ($1000), they’ll give him in-state rates (this would actually lower the bill by $14,860 /yr)!  All of this is good, good, good news.

tumblr_lvcex51bAy1qg4xgso1_500I know my marriage is not typical, or traditional–from being a wife and the sole income earner, to having a husband who started undergraduate work much later in life.  Maybe it’s hard for you to relate, because this isn’t how most marriages go, and college tuition maybe isn’t something you look at until it’s your kids’ time–but I invite you to think of this as a bigger picture consideration–life always takes unexpected twists and turns despite our plans, right?  I’ll be working on finding a balance between staying flexible, and being prepared.  I don’t want to make the mistake again of jumping into a big life change without careful financial thinking in advance, so thanks for hearing me out!  🙂

Have any doors opened for you lately?  Anything that has made you smile and realize, “aw, yeah…  I’m not alone in the world after all”?

6 thoughts on “Another Door Opens

    • Without a doubt. I got turned down for so many positions last year, it was really depressing, but now I’m so so happy I didn’t get tied up with one of those. Now I have room for all this possibility! 🙂


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