Challenge Results: Thanks for Being my Accountabilibuddies!

giphyI’ve reached the end of my two-week no-spend challenge.  Thanks for all your support!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  I would like to tell you harrowing tales of treachery and battles ending in victory.  The truth is, I was well-prepared, which made things easy, for the most part.  Last week I told you I was feeling fierce with determination, and because I bought all the necessary groceries for the two week period, I had no reason to eat out.

I did run out of the delicious granola bars I had intended for breakfasts–because I started eating them as afternoon snacks, too.  And so yesterday I arrived to work knowing I had nothing for breakfast left.  I figured “what the hell?  I’ve been good” and I popped into that evil sandwich shop in our building.  As I stood in line I realized I didn’t really have any money allotted for eating out in the budget for this time frame.  I pulled out my phone thinking, “I’ll just move some money from emergency savings to checking” and then the biggest WHAT. ARE YOU DOING. happened in my mind that I physically startled myself and I put the phone away and ran walked out of there.  How ridiculous!  Haha.  Instead, when I got to my floor, I popped 75c into the vending machine and got a granola bar to tie me over.  I survived, and it was fine.

And that, my friends, was the worst of it.  I’m back on track.  Thanks for being my accountabilibuddies!

Did you spend much eating out this week?  Do you have an evil temptation place nearby?

4 thoughts on “Challenge Results: Thanks for Being my Accountabilibuddies!

  1. Nice going! That happened to me last week with “Steak & Shake”. I’m like, what are we doing? We’re not that far from home. Food there is better AND cheaper. There isn’t anyplace around here yet that is overly tempting. There was back home. There’s this pizza place that is unmatched in pizza magnificence. There used to be so many great places around there, but they all eventually closed down, one by one. I’m on a frugal bandwagon now anyway, so it’s getting easier and easier to just say no to restaurant food. Great update Chela! I felt like I was right there with ya in the sandwich shop. 🙂


  2. There was a couple time I wanted Starbucks but managed to not cave in. And I did buy a pair of pants from REI for my trip but I returned them. I find that sometimes wants and needs blur. I did buy a bag for my camera and accessories, because it was starting to get spread out through the house and part of it was in a backpack and was easily getting rattled around. So I bought a bag and it kind of falls into a want/need category. Anyway, just rambling! lol! Great job on your two weeks!


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