A Day in the Life!

Both Sarah and Sarah did “A Day in the Life” posts last week, and many of you have done them before.  I always love reading these kinds of posts.  In the past, I´ve also enjoyed Tonya’sKara’s, Mel’sCat´s, and Kayla’s.  Back when I worked in retail, I used to think I couldn´t do a post like this because every single day was different.  No one day was representative of my life.  Now my days are always the same, so I´m feeling like now´s my time! 🙂

520 am – Alarm goes off, I hit snooze.  Man, I’m sore.

530 am – Turn the lights on, which forces me to wake up. Kind of.  I flop around in the bed in misery.  I am not a morning person.  I reach for my phone and briefly browse emails, Facebook, Instagram.

540 am – Stupid snooze goes off again. I get up fall out of bed, and make the bed (that way I can´t get back in it!). I brush my teeth, put in contacts, put on makeup, pick out what to wear, pack up my gym bag. I’m dozing in and out of reality, basically still asleep.  I move very slowly in the mornings, but thanks to my beautiful new Keurig, I brew a very large cup of coffee that I can start sipping nice and early.  I begin to have flashes of lucidity.

My adorable nephews M and E, dressed up for "Go Texan Day" which I didn´t even know was a thing...

My adorable nephews M and E, dressed up for “Go Texan Day” which I didn´t even know was a thing, until I moved to Texas.

640 am – Double check I have everything, head downstairs. Play with my two tiny nephews for a sec–they´re all dressed and ready to go to “school”–gah they’re so frickin cute every single day I can hardly stand it.  M chases after me shouting “bye Tia Chela!  bye Tia Chela!”  My heart melts.  I head out with a smile on my face and an ache in my uterus.

650 am – Hello Houston traffic. I sip coffee, am so thankful for NPR to keep me engaged and awake enough to make it to work.

740 am – Must… resist… the breakfast sandwiches. Head up to the 20th floor. Turn on my laptop, grab breakfast out of the fridge–usually fat free cottage cheese and turkey, or a granola bar if I’m craving something sweet–yum!

815 am – My boss pops in, chipper as the morning sun. She´s a delight, but I´m just barely getting out of that morning grog. We chat about life, her kids, Michael, and what we have scheduled for the day. And so I get to work. Meetings, reporting, fire-drills, I love it. 🙂

12 pm – I´m starting to get hungry again, but the kitchen is packed with people using the microwaves so I wait. I don’t like being rushed in the kitchen.  I keep working.

1 pm – Today I´m on a lengthy conference call, but I was smart enough to take it on my cell phone. While I´m listening I walk over to the kitchen, pop my Lean Cuisine Smart Ones into the microwave and wait.

105 pm – I´m so happy about lunch! I bring the tiny tray and my tub of hummus to my desk to eat and keep taking notes while this guy is talking.  I love hummus with anything.  Work continues!

4 pm – Geez! Where did the day go?? My boss says she´s heading out early today because of some reason or another (there´s something just about every day). She tells me not to stay too late. I promise her I won´t.

440 pm – Furiously trying to get to a good stopping point. I do not want to leave here past 5 due to the incredible increase in traffic that happens if I leave just a few minutes late.

450 pm – Pack up my stuff and head out. So excited to talk to Michael on the drive home. (If he´s busy I use this time to catch up with mom.)

540 pm – I arrive at the gym, change into my workout clothes, carefully remove my makeup, sit in a lovely lounge chair and read your blogs! Finally, me-time!

630 pm – Time to sweat! Mondays and Wednesdays are Body Pump, Tuesdays and Fridays are Step, Thursday is Spinning. I… kind of love working out.  It hurts so good!  And I still have a lot of weight to lose.

730 pm – Class is done, I take a few minutes on the treadmill to cool down. Wash my face, put on a sweatshirt even if it´s warm out, because I´m drenched.

745 pm – Happy to be home. C and M are usually bathing the boys and putting them to bed. If I´m lucky, they´re staying up late and I get to play with them a bit, but usually I don´t see them at night. I heat up my Smart Ones, check Facebook and Insta while I´m eating. C and M come down and we hang out and talk a bit. I keep my distance because I´m aware that I stink and that I´m still drenched.

830 pm – Hop in the shower. I let the hot water beat on my aching muscles–since I cancelled my massage membership, this is as close as I’m going to get to deep tissue relaxation.  Feels great.

845 pm – I call Michael while I´m doing my post-shower relaxing and stretching. We usually talk about math theory.  I try to convince him to not stay up too late.  He promises me he won’t, but I know he will.

930 pm – Blog time, or TV time. I have to pick! Can´t do both! I´m really not a TV watcher. I don´t even have a TV, but I recently got HBO logins on my phone and it streams like a charm.  I have a short list of shows I want to watch.  I watched Game of Thrones first, when I arrived in Houston. Most recently I´ve been watching Mildred Pierce.  (Have you seen it?  We need to talk.)  I love Kate Winslet. But I only have time for one 1hr episode per evening–which is good. I like to take my time. I try to alternate nights between blogging and watching something.  If I´m blogging, I use the hour to read your blog posts, or write my own.

1030 pmTime. For. Bed. I´m so tired! For every minute I stay up past 1030, the morning is 1000x more difficult.  As I lay still I feel my muscles actively aching.  Yowza.  I´m really good at falling asleep quickly, and so there I am. Out like a light, right on schedule. Ready to do it all again tomorrow!

Do you like structure and schedules as much as I do?  Haha!  Have you written a Day in the Life post that I’ve missed?  Link to it below!  I want to read it 🙂

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