State of the Household

I mean for this post to be a brief update on what’s going on with our small household.  I feel like some of you out there really care, and for you, I am deeply thankful.

I hope I don’t get all debbie-downer on you, so if I’m falling too far in that direction, stop me, quick!  I’m just trying to be realistic.  Here I am, seeking balance between staying flexible, and being prepared. 


That's me and that's you guys.  Hahaha :D

That’s me and that’s you guys. Hahaha 😀

My tenure in my 6 month internship is quickly coming to a close.  It´s crunch time.  Either get a new job or go back to the old one (yuck).  Yeah, I had a great interview recently.  And the good, meaty informational interviews continue.  But I know I’m going to need a big pay raise in order to accept a position, even if I am offered one.  I need about $20k increase in pay in order to break even.  That is, in order to cover the cost of housing I’d be adding to my budget (since I’m still going to be paying for housing in NOLA for my husband).  This is approx. $1600/mo, which I mean to cover rent, utilities, and frequent travel home.  Depending on where the hypothetical job is, this may be enough, or just barely enough.  I’m seeing some opportunities opening up in Atlanta, New Jersey, Phoenix, Little Rock.  Some of these are obviously more expensive places to live than others.  Right now I’m able to drive home, so travel isn’t too expensive (though you’ll note each month, gas is where my budget is bleeding).

I think it’s a long shot to believe I’ll be offered a $20k increase–and even so, it might barely be enough.

Right now we’re scraping by each month.  I’m determined not to use credit cards and after I make the minimum payments on everything, we barely have enough for $320 in groceries each month and $120 in “spending money.”  (Which mostly goes to my husband, I don’t usually need any.)  That’s it.  That’s all of our discretionary monthly spending.  We really have very little wiggle room.

I know what you’re all going to say!  Side-hustle!  I love a good side-hustle as much as the next guy, but to be completely honest, even if we tried to side-hustle our little butts off, I doubt we’d make $20k in our first year (based on what I’ve read from all of you awesome side-hustlers and freelancers).


Though it’s a long shot, they might offer me a relocation package (which is a one-time $10k).  With that I’d be willing to accept only a $10k increase in pay, since I’ll only need to pay the double rent for one more year.  Once my husband is done with school, we can live together again, and we’d go back to only paying one rent, instead of two.  And he’s done with school in a year.  OR SO I THOUGHT.


He has 6 math classes left to go.  (And a bunch of other stuff, but the other stuff doesn’t count because it’s all easy.)  This semester he took 4 upper level maths and nearly died of mental exhaustion.  He put aside his feeling of failure, and dropped one of those 4.  Even so, with 3 maths, this semester has been killer.  (Though I’m happy to report this semester he finished with all A’s in his other classes, and all B’s in his math classes, which we weren’t sure he’d be able to pull off.  I’m super proud of him.)  I know it’s also been tough because we’ve been apart, he’s not sleeping on a good schedule, and isn’t eating very well.

Taking all of this into account, he decided to modify the original plan.  The plan was to finish in 2 more semesters, each with 3 maths.  But as this horrendously difficult semester comes to a close, he’s decided he doesn’t want to do 3 upper level maths together ever again.  So instead of 2 semesters with 3 each, he’s going to do 3 more semesters with 2 each.

I fully support his decision.  This is good for his mental health.  Unfortunately it means we’ll be apart for another year and a half (til he’s done in December 2016).

And I know at some point I mentioned we’ve explored the possibility of him transferring to a university wherever my job is, but that’s not going to work out.  Only lower level stuff transfers, and he doesn’t want to be set back even further on his timeline by having to retake classes he’s already taken.  Plus, out of state tuition is expensive.  Like, woah nelly.


I’m starting to think the pricetag of me getting a job that requires reoloation is going to be more than the price of the housing.  It’s going to be the price of the housing, plus the ability to travel home all the time.  Like every weekend.  That’s the only way 1.5 more years of being apart is going to work.


For some people, sometimes, under really wild circumstances, they are allowed to work remotely, either from home, or from a local VW office.  I feel like this possibility is as far flung as actually getting a $20k raise, but who knows.

If I can make them realize that letting me work from home is going to be cheaper for them than having to pay me so much to be away from home, maybe they’ll consider it.  IF I even get a job.  Ha!

But enough about me.  How are you??

14 thoughts on “State of the Household

  1. Working from home would be PERFECT, and I think if anyone can convince them why that’s a good idea, it is you! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!


  2. I think anytime you can make being location independent as part of your deal you’re doing well. although I still work from home, I’m a little financially bound to LA, but some day I’d like that option. It’s a lot up in the air right now. Hang in there lady!


  3. The worst they can say is no. Be prepared to tell them not only how it helps you, but what’s in it for them. Fewer distractions, more productivity, willingness to put in extended hours might be good benefits for them. I actually work remotely when I’m sick – I never actually take a sick day – when I’m contagious, I just stay in and work from home. It works out fine!


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