Mel is Awesome! (And Frugal Fun in NYC)

I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats to hear how life’s been for me here in the great Garden State.

What can I say? It’s been going well!


Work’s been tough. On the team, we have two ladies from Executive Relations, one lady from Customer Service, and our manager and I are from Marketing. Needless to say, we collectively represent three *very* different perspectives about how to go about creating this new Executive Relations program.

Yep.  I am admittedly the type who thinks, “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” It’s been a period of development for me to learn to trust and delegate to these other ladies. My boss has told me it’s clear to her I’m the leader of the group, but I’m not sure that’s winning me any popularity points with the rest of the team.

Ah well. Our deadline is 7/31 and we’re working fast and furious.  The project is coming along well, but it’s been tough.  I’m more interested in implementing a great new program than becoming BFFs with everyone. There will be plenty of time to decide that later.

And so, I’ve been working long and tiring days. And even though I’m only working about 45 hours per week, I’m mentally drained in the evenings. I come home, make dinner, and totes veg out. I haven’t been keeping up with you guys at all. And I miss you! So this week, I’m getting back on track!

But really,


From reading her blog (brokeGIRLrich) I knew Mel lived in NJ, and we started emailing a bit. And then one day she invited me to come see the awesome show she’s working on! She had comp tickets and it was a preview weekend, and I couldn’t have been more excited!

Michael and I have decided to use our few weekends here together for frugal travel and fun, so it lined up that we were going into NYC that weekend anyway. The timing was perfect.

My dear friend Scott and his wife Kasey live just outside NYC and had been looking forward to spending the day with us in the city.  They used to live in New Orleans, too, and so are the perfect bunch to talk to about the transition from NOLA to New England.  And HOLD ON.  Kasey is somehow some kind of Twitter-wizard and has gotten tickets to over 30 Broadway shows FOR FREE by retweeting things.  I don’t understand this mystical Twitter world but I want to learn her ways.  More than anything.  Anyway, I’ll let you know how that goes.

We started the day with a “boozy brunch” at the Justin Timberlake-owned Southern Hospitality in Hell’s Kitchen. …It might have come with a 2 hour unlimited drink special so… we stayed until our 2 hours were up. 🙂

Then we strolled through Central Park.  The weather was perfect–it was beautiful and cool–maybe 80 degrees or so. We got ice creams and listened to an opera singer and found a shady spot by a little lake to sit and enjoy people-watching.

We made our way to John Lennon’s apartment and Strawberry Fields, and then eventually to the middle of Times Square.

Scott and Kasey and Michael and me in Times Square!

Scott and Kasey and Michael and me in Times Square!

I think it really doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been there, the middle of Times Square is always spectacular. Always breathtaking. We hung out there for a good bit, just soaking it all in.

And then we headed over to Mel’s show, called Ziegfeld’s Midnight Frolic. We were a little early, so we had a snack at the diner in front, and saw Adam Sandler across the street at the premiere of the new Pixels movie (what?!).

Then it was time for the show, and it was just lovely. She had told us in advance that it was an immersive-type of show, where you get to walk around and interact with the performers and see things from whichever angle you like. We took it all in, and in an intermission I noticed Mel! I didn’t want to interrupt her while she was working haha… but I did anyway and I saw her and thanked her for the tickets! I kind of felt like I was meeting a celebrity!  It’s so great to meet internet friends IRL.

And then… we were exhausted. But Scott had made us promise to get Junior’s cheesecake, so we walked the few blocks over. The line to get in was stupid-long… so we just bought an entire cheesecake to go and took it home. 😀

The ride home (only 45 minutes) went by in a flash. We stuffed our faces with cheesecake and collapsed into bed, utterly exhausted and happy from our NYC adventure.

And slept past noon the next day. 😀

It was a lovely day–many thanks to Mel. Our first frugal adventure in NYC cost us less than $100 and was tons of fun.

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