My First Month of Uber Results and August Update

Well folks, here comes the onslaught of cliches:

Better late than never…
I’m fashionably late to the party…
I’ve been really busy…

Okay, that last one is true. August now feels like ages ago. Michael went back to NOLA at the beginning of August, my mom came up to visit me for almost two weeks in the middle of August, I moved buildings at work, and moved to an apartment. Oh, and most of my “free time” has been spent side-hustling, aka, driving for Uber. Β The month flew.

I’ve missed y’all.

Though all that packing and unpacking had my stress levels maxed out, it’s incredible how having my own apartment, my own space, feels so freeing. I was hoping that shared-house situation would work out, but this place is bigger and cheaper, and not too far from work, so moving was kind of a no-brainer.

Before I get into my month-end results, I want to share with you my first month of Uber earnings.

  • In August I drove for Uber for 10 days.
  • I averaged 5 hrs 17 minutes and 131 miles on the road each day (though that’s pretty skewed because on weekends I’d drive much more than on weekdays).
  • Uber paid me a total of $807.98, and I netted $552.21. (My net is my gross minus the cost of gas, oil changes, tires, and tolls, plus any tips I received. Β Read more here.)

Not bad if I do say so myself. My goal going forward is to net $1000/month, and I think that’s pretty do-able. I’ll also mention I have a 4.93/5.0 star rating! πŸ™‚ I think that’s mostly to do with the awesome Pandora station I play for my riders.*

My August wasn’t too financially wild. I paid off about $1000 in debt, and aside from using some of the tuition savings for my husband’s tuition (duh), I more than doubled my emergency savings (mostly thanks to Uber, see above). I’m super excited about this.

So here are the numbers:

CC3 $4,747.83 $73.19
CC4 $7,355.44 -$93.35
car $6,302.24 -$266.83
unsub3 $5,250.00 $0.00
unsub2 $5,250.00 $0.00
401k 1 $8,023.40 -$254.17
401k 3 $20,337.18 -$508.96
sub $3,500.00 $0.00
unsub1 $6,000.00 $0.00
TOTAL $66,766.09 -$1,050.12
401k $30,402.66 $527.90
emergency savings $1,588.02 $864.19
tuition savings $8,000.00 -$4,000.00
TOTAL $39,990.68 -$2,607.91

*The Pandora station is based off of one of my favorite bands, called Paris Combo. I’ll leave you with these:

How was your August? How do you manage a job and a side hustle and still have time for the internet? What am I missing here? How are you?

10 thoughts on “My First Month of Uber Results and August Update

  1. That Uber income is great! I totally understand being busy. I’m definitely working on finding a new balance between work, life and blogging. I think it’s a struggle for a lot of people, but you’ll eventually figure out a schedule and balance that works for you. πŸ™‚


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