Small Victories: Speak Up For Your Money!

I have two small victories to report–and one of them is from a reader–which makes me oh-so-excited.



Remember my post about the financial benefits of calling Executive Relations?  Well, a few days after I posted it, I got the most wonderful email from dear Kara at The Daily Whisk.  Here it is:

Hey Chela,
After reading your post about executive relations teams and your experience with your Mom’s airline tickets, I had a light bulb moment. We bought a new dishwasher just over a year ago and it completely died in July. They quoted us $362 to fix it / warranty it for another 3 years, and we were dragging our feet and washing our own dishes for the last two months because we didn’t want to spend the money, but figured we’d eventually have to!
After reading your post I decided to email the CEO of Frigidaire (I was polite, but honest in my disappointment). Anyway, they called me today – they are fixing our dishwasher for free!
I never would have thought to email them if it wasn’t for your post. Thank so you so much for sharing!!!

This totally and completely made my day!  Thank you for sharing, Kara!



Okay, I know.  $18 is nothing compared to the massive savings Kara described above, but, I’m really proud of myself for the way this came about.

I moved into a new apartment at the beginning of September, and had no furniture (more on this later).  Last week, I finally decided to buy a bed.  I think because I had been browsing the Home section of Target’s website a lot, they started sending me 10% off coupons almost every day.  I finally bit the bullet and ordered the bed online.  I got the 10% off, and used my Red Card to also get another 5% off and free shipping.

Well, don’t you know, as soon as I ordered that sucker, I got an email for 25% off Home goods.  I couldn’t believe it!  Damn marketing algorithms!  I was thinking, worst case scenario, when it comes in, I’ll return it and re-buy it with the new coupon.  This thing ain’t cheap!

But before doing that, I emailed Target’s normal customer service folks, explained the situation, and before you know it, they replied that they were refunding $18 to my card!  It’s not much, but it’s something.

If you don’t speak up for your money, no one else will!

When’s the last time you spoke up for your money?

8 thoughts on “Small Victories: Speak Up For Your Money!

  1. Thanks for sharing my story/victory! But, really thank you for sharing the “secret” lol. I’m glad you received the 25% discount!!! It all adds up!


  2. That’s awesome! It can never hurt to make the time to do that. It’s not much, but I returned band aides I bought because they were the ultra stick and OMG they work too well. It nearly ripped my skin off trying to get if off. Nobody things to return things to the drug store, but I did and exchanged it for less painful band aides.


    • Hey that’s awesome! Some people might have just let those bandaids sit wasting away in a cabinet forever, but you got your money’s worth! Well done.


  3. We like to go to the Winn-Dixie in Sebastian whenever we get a chance. It’s a beautiful, peaceful drive down US1. But they are the only store around here where we consistently have to go to the Service Desk because of receipt errors. I don’t like doing it, but when I am purposely buying a cut of meat because it is half price, but it comes up full price at the register, I must indeed speak up for our money! Congrats to Kara and Tonya on their successes! Every dollar counts, right? 🙂


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