My First Month of Uber Results and August Update

Well folks, here comes the onslaught of cliches:

Better late than never…
I’m fashionably late to the party…
I’ve been really busy…

Okay, that last one is true. August now feels like ages ago. Michael went back to NOLA at the beginning of August, my mom came up to visit me for almost two weeks in the middle of August, I moved buildings at work, and moved to an apartment. Oh, and most of my “free time” has been spent side-hustling, aka, driving for Uber.  The month flew.

I’ve missed y’all.

Though all that packing and unpacking had my stress levels maxed out, it’s incredible how having my own apartment, my own space, feels so freeing. I was hoping that shared-house situation would work out, but this place is bigger and cheaper, and not too far from work, so moving was kind of a no-brainer.

Before I get into my month-end results, I want to share with you my first month of Uber earnings.

  • In August I drove for Uber for 10 days.
  • I averaged 5 hrs 17 minutes and 131 miles on the road each day (though that’s pretty skewed because on weekends I’d drive much more than on weekdays).
  • Uber paid me a total of $807.98, and I netted $552.21. (My net is my gross minus the cost of gas, oil changes, tires, and tolls, plus any tips I received.  Read more here.)

Not bad if I do say so myself. My goal going forward is to net $1000/month, and I think that’s pretty do-able. I’ll also mention I have a 4.93/5.0 star rating! 🙂 I think that’s mostly to do with the awesome Pandora station I play for my riders.*

My August wasn’t too financially wild. I paid off about $1000 in debt, and aside from using some of the tuition savings for my husband’s tuition (duh), I more than doubled my emergency savings (mostly thanks to Uber, see above). I’m super excited about this.

So here are the numbers:

CC3 $4,747.83 $73.19
CC4 $7,355.44 -$93.35
car $6,302.24 -$266.83
unsub3 $5,250.00 $0.00
unsub2 $5,250.00 $0.00
401k 1 $8,023.40 -$254.17
401k 3 $20,337.18 -$508.96
sub $3,500.00 $0.00
unsub1 $6,000.00 $0.00
TOTAL $66,766.09 -$1,050.12
401k $30,402.66 $527.90
emergency savings $1,588.02 $864.19
tuition savings $8,000.00 -$4,000.00
TOTAL $39,990.68 -$2,607.91

*The Pandora station is based off of one of my favorite bands, called Paris Combo. I’ll leave you with these:

How was your August? How do you manage a job and a side hustle and still have time for the internet? What am I missing here? How are you?

July Update and What’s Going On

It feels like it’s been ages since we last talked! As you might recall, this new work program we’re launching was supposed to be standing by the end of July, and while it was, we’re very much still testing it now… so work’s been fast and furious!

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten a second job side hustle! As of this week, I started driving for Uber after work. I think I really like it and I’m making decent money. More about this to come.

And before Michael left to go back to NOLA on Wednesday, we found me a new apartment! But you thought the house/roommate situation was working out nicely? It hasn’t been bad. But remember, it’s $300/mo more than what I was expecting, and well, that’s a lot of money! I’m moving to a new more reasonably priced apartment on Sept 1, thankfully.

All this to say, a lot has been going on. Continue reading

Relocating Isn’t All Bad: Pt. 5 – Seeing Friends and Family and June Update

If you’re not caught up, you can read about my getting a job offer, negotiating my salaryfinding a new place to live, distributing my relocation fundsdiscovering my husband no longer qualifies for student loans, and then finding out my rent went up by $300/mo.  Relocating has been tough, but it hasn’t been all bad.


I know I’ll be back in NOLA about once a month, but as it was when I was coming in from Houston, the weekends are super brief and fly by in a flash. And so before moving away from New Orleans, I made plans to see all of my friends and family.

My dear friend Ms. Chris treated me and Michael, and our friend Erika to lunch and ordered us a bottle of champagne to celebrate! They were on their lunch break from work! Hahaha! My Nanny Cathy had the whole family over for lunch twice before I left, and she gave me a “snowman kit” for decorating my first snowman when the time comes. My Nanny Beth took us out to lunch and promised to come visit soon. My former coworkers and dear friends Marvin, Grace, and Mindy and I went to dinner one night and laughed and reminisced about old times in the store. My other friends Andrew, Rachael, and Danielle and I went out to dinner and got to celebrate everyone’s upcoming new jobs and life changes.

Normally, I see all these friends from time to time, but to have seen them all in the span of a week or so was just like happiness-overload, and it was great. Continue reading

Chicago and May Update

Well to call these last two weeks a whirlwind would be an understatement!
When we last spoke, I had a short week before a free quizbowl weekend in Chicago, and I knew I had two interviews coming up after that.

Well the short week went by quickly and we had tons of fun in Chicago!

Michael and I arrived Thursday morning, checked in to our hotel, and headed to the train station.  One of my favorite things about Chicago is how freaking awesome the public transport is.  You can easily get basically anywhere with trains and busses.  And they are super precisely on time, like woah.  (Coming from New Orleans, this is completely unfamiliar.) Continue reading

New Tools and April Update

Another month has come and gone, and the time continues to fly.  After last month´s update, I told you guys I wanted to try some new tracking tools.

This month I tried SmartyPig, based on Cat´s recommendations; Debt Payoff Planner, based on Kirsten´s recommendation; and YNAB, based on everyone´s recommendations.

Spoiler: 2 out of 3 worked for me.  Hold on to your hats, folks! Continue reading

Upping My Progress Tracking Game

So I’m a few months in to my debt repayment journey, and I’m feeling pretty good about how I’ve done so far, but I’m a numbers and data kind of person–so I want a better way to track my progress.  Sure, I said, March was an $8,442 success.  But, I want to take some time to play around with some new ways of measuring success.

Two of my new year’s resolutions were to track my net worth, and improve my credit score.  I’m going to start with those two, then I’m going to take a look at my budget by percentages, the way Jordann suggests.  This makes a lot of sense to me.

So go with me as I explore these 3 topics here. Continue reading

A Lovely Weekend and March Update

I had a really lovely weekend, this past weekend.  Michael came to visit me.  By coincidence, his parents were coming to Houston, too (though to see their grandbabies, not us!)–and so I had to give up the guest room at C and M´s house.  No problem, Michael and I stayed with his Aunt Michelle.  She´s his godmother, he was named after her, and he´s easily her favorite of her nieces and nephews.  And she doesn´t have any kids, and she and her husband are both very successful business owners–and they have tons of cash… that they love to spend on us Michael. Continue reading

Dropping Classes and February Update

This post got really personal really fast.  Thanks for letting me share it with you.

As you might remember, my husband is in school full time.  He jokingly claims he got himself a sugar-mama so he could be a stay-at-home-husband, hahaha, but that´s pretty far from the truth.

Michael and I started dating our junior year of high school.  After high school, we went to different colleges, both on full scholarships.  This is a very long story for another day, but I´ll give you the abbreviated version: That first year was really hard on both of us for many reasons.  It wasn´t hard for the traditional reasons of being away from home, etc, etc (in fact, we met at the boarding school we went to for high school, so living away wasn´t new to us), but for a slew of other, bigger, sadder reasons that I won´t really detail here.

Michael started one semester and withdrew, losing his scholarship, and battling the onset of mental illness.  He started a second semester at a different university and withdrew.  Then he took some time off, we broke up after 4 years of being together, and he moved to New Zealand.  Just like that.  He lived there for almost 2 years and I didn´t hear from him at all. Continue reading

Resolution Check In: January Update

I hope you´ve all had a good week!  I had a bit of a rough week.  Well, I take that back.  I had a very rough Wednesday and that kind of taints my perception of the week.  But upon closer inspection, I can happily report, it was a good week (with the exception of Wednesday–I was very sick and feeling beyond gross).

You all were so kind in your comments on my last post.  I guess I didn´t realize how lonely I had been feeling until it all came out there.  Thanks for your kindness and words of encouragement. Continue reading