Frugal Fun in Philadelphia!

While Michael was still here we decided to take as many little weekend roadtrips as we could.  First, we went to NYC and had a blast.  The following weekend we went to Philadelphia.

From where I’m living, Philly is only about 1.5 hrs away, so we decided to go early and come back in the evening, so as to avoid hotel costs.  I went to Philly once when I was a kid with my parents, but hadn’t been there in maybe 20 years.  Michael had never been.  We naturally wanted to do all the toursity/historical stuff. Continue reading

Holly Is Awesome! (And Why I’m Getting TWO New Credit Cards!)

Well, folks, if I were to tell you I’m getting two new credit cards, you’d probably knock me upside the head and tell me to get it together.  Credit cards are what got me into this debt mess, and I need to stay far, far away from them until they’re paid off, or maybe forever.


In my new fancy job, I get to have a corporate travel card!  It’s a shiny new AmEx and it came in the mail today.  I almost felt guilty opening the envelope, calling in to activate the card, and tucking it away in my wallet.

The good news is that I’m only authorized to use this card for corporate travel, and it immediately gets expensed and paid for by the company.  And the payment history positively impacts my credit history.  Easy peasy. Continue reading

Mel is Awesome! (And Frugal Fun in NYC)

I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats to hear how life’s been for me here in the great Garden State.

What can I say? It’s been going well!


Work’s been tough. On the team, we have two ladies from Executive Relations, one lady from Customer Service, and our manager and I are from Marketing. Needless to say, we collectively represent three *very* different perspectives about how to go about creating this new Executive Relations program. Continue reading

Chicago and May Update

Well to call these last two weeks a whirlwind would be an understatement!
When we last spoke, I had a short week before a free quizbowl weekend in Chicago, and I knew I had two interviews coming up after that.

Well the short week went by quickly and we had tons of fun in Chicago!

Michael and I arrived Thursday morning, checked in to our hotel, and headed to the train station.  One of my favorite things about Chicago is how freaking awesome the public transport is.  You can easily get basically anywhere with trains and busses.  And they are super precisely on time, like woah.  (Coming from New Orleans, this is completely unfamiliar.) Continue reading

How My Frugal Vacation Turned Really Expensive, Really Quickly

This past weekend, Michael and I were in Dallas, both vacationing and staffing a quizbowl event.  It was the Middle School National Championship Tournament, and it was a lot of fun.

I was completely prepared to come back and write a neat, little post about how to have fun on a budget while spending a weekend in Dallas.  I was going to tell you about the frugal shuttle and the lovely meals, on and on. Continue reading

Living Like I´m On Vacation

Hi everyone!  I´m glad to be back!  I know in my last post I said I´d be gone for about a week, and it´s been almost two, but I haven´t forgotten about you!  I´ve just been really busy!  Since we last talked, I´ve moved into my brother in law´s house and started the new job!  I´ve also joined a gym and am now fighting off a cold :-/  Hahaha it´s been a busy time.

But all of this is since I´ve come back from a lovely vacation.  I went to Puebla–where my family lives–for a few days, and then we all went to Cancun together.  It was me and my husband, two cousins, one cousin´s girlfriend, and her little sister.

The plan for this vacation started when Cirque du Soleil announced they were opening a new resident show in Cancun called Joya back in November.  I´m a huge CdS fan, and with Cancun being so close, I told my aunt, “I´ll pay for everyone´s tickets to the show if you pay for the hotel while we´re there.”  She said, “deal!” and the planning began. Continue reading

Small Victories: Paying for Travels with Real Money

Thankful to get to spend time with my sweet niece

Thankful to get to spend time with my sweet niece

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! We normally run the Turkey Day Race in New Orleans’ City Park, but at 7am we decided it was too cold to go out, and well, we do it for fun, not to be miserable–so we stayed in. In the afternoon the sun came out, and it ended up being a lovely day. We had lunch at Michael’s aunt’s house, and it was nice to see his mom’s side of the family.

At work, Black Friday was a blast. It always is! We’re super busy all day, customers are buying and everyone is having fun. Also, we always do a potluck on Black Friday, and everyone shows off and brings their best dish. Continue reading

Budget-Conscious Travelling

I´ve had a really good day today. I had a job interview that went really well (more about this later, fingers crossed!), I made a friend (hi Christine!), and I felt some much needed peace.

I first started thinking about this when Cait at Blonde on a Budget wrote a few days ago about making peace with your financial situation. I liked this idea a lot. I´m embracing her mantra:

“This is my current financial situation, and it’s ok.”

Continue reading