Accidental Accountabilibuddies and My Two-Week No-Spend Challenge

I’m writing this because I really, really, really want to go downstairs for coffee, snacks, lunch, Red Bull, a sandwich, anything!  I’m fighting the urge and I know this is a #firstworldproblems kind of day, but so be it.

Due to some events and family things, I drove home the last three weekends in a row.  This kind of messed with my week-day dynamic, in good ways and bad.  It was great to see my hubby and my mom–it was not so good for my checking account.  On the one hand, for three weeks in a row I knew I was going home that weekend, so my weeks felt like they were only M-Th.  But on the other hand, on F-Su Michael and I would eat with our families or eat out, and this got pretty spendy.


Prior to this, I had been going to the grocery store more frequently than I ever did before I moved.  I’d been going about every other day or so and checking out with only 4-5 items.  This way I’d only buy the things I needed and would not have the mindset of “this is for the next two weeks so I’d better stock up.”  It  was working for me, for the most part.  I have a grocery list but every time I’d consult it, I’d think, “no, the x and y can wait til next time” and so I’d only buy the things I really, really needed.  The problem with going to the grocery store often is that, well I run out of supplies in a day or two.  And that’s what happened last week. Continue reading

Another Door Opens

Dearest friends, thank you so much, as always, for you kind and supportive comments on my previous post.  Going back to why I write this blog, I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that it’s a record of my odyssey for myself.  It was a big deal for Michael to drop that class and I felt like such a jerk about my gut reaction, that I had to write it down.  !

Anyway.  On to this week!


Work has been going swimmingly!  I absolutely love my new job.  It’s very reporting and analytics based—which I love, but I’m also given a lot of creative leeway on projects—projects that are being implemented on a big scale and actually making a difference.  Yeah, I feel good about it.  Aaaand I’ve been having to present for and train a lot of district managers (guys that used to be my boss’ boss) and so to no longer be a little peon at the bottom of the barrel feels good. Continue reading

I’m Trying To Evolve

I never used to make New Years Resolutions because the new year never really meant much to me. In the past, I’ve felt like the coming of a new year has meant nothing more than a change of calendar date, like any other day.

However, the older I get, the more intentionally I’m trying to live. I’m trying to be aware of myself, the progession of my life, and the passage of time.

(It might seem like I talk a lot about my dad’s passing. I´m aware.) In February it’ll be 10 years since he passed away. My mom is turning 65 this year. I don’t have children yet. My friend’s dad is dying quickly of cancer. My niece and nephews are growing with lightning speed. I’m thinking about time a lot, these days.  These realizations have led me to wanting to be aware of the passage of time, is all.

And to be present.

I´d like to share with you my goals for 2015:

Continue reading

What I Learned In Sales, Pt. 2: Surprising Money Things People Say

As my time in sales comes to a close (hopefully forever!), I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learned here. Last week I wrote about how getting to know the Joneses will keep you from wanting to keep up with them.

Today I’m pulling a few examples from my daily interactions with customers that have shown me: It’s surprising how being smart with your money seems to put you in the minority.

Day in and day out, this is what I hear, see, and say. I really have learned a lot from talking to people, and applying common sense. The thing about working at a cell phone store is that it attracts a really wide demographic of customers, and so I feel like I’ve gotten a wide cross section of people to talk to. Sometimes what they say and how they think is really surprising to me.

wpid-tumblr_m57ghvswop1qifwrb.gif Continue reading

What I Learned in Sales, Pt. 1: Getting to Know The Joneses

wpid-tumblr_lr54wlvv7j1qhds7ko1_500.pngI only have 12 days left in retail sales (hopefully forever!) and as my time here comes to a close, I’m reflecting on what I’ve learned in my years here.

For the first time–when I finished college and started working at the cell phone store–did I really understand how different from me some people could be.

I had been, up until that point–unbeknownst to me–cradled in a cocoon of moderation. I grew up in the suburbs, went to nice schools, took vacations with my family every year. We went out to eat a few times a week and had practical cars. We exchanged thoughtful gifts at birthdays and Christmases, but didn’t really ever shop much otherwise. We weren’t poor, certainly, but we weren’t uber wealthy either. We were fine, happy, content and fulfilled. I was never denied anything, but I think that’s because I was raised to be grateful, never craving extravagances. Whatever. “Normal.”

Fast forward to my time in sales at the cell phone store. Let me tell you, I have learned that this is the perfect breeding ground for young, arrogant, “hotshots.” That’s not to say I haven’t made some great friends here–I have. But the turnover is very high here at the cell phone store and for the most part, people come and go and rise to glory and then crash and burn really quickly. That’s the nature of sales, from what I’ve seen. Continue reading

What’s NOT On My Non-Negotiable List

wpid-2014-12-20-16.03.29.jpg.jpegFull disclosure: This post is me whining. This post is full of what you might call “first world problems.” I know and I’m sorry. In actuality, I’m very grateful for my life and blessings.


Y’all. Ever since I started really caring about my finances (read: stopped using credit cards), I feel like I’m broke all the time. It’s really just a mental thing. In my budget I have enough to pay my bills, get groceries, and put some money in savings. I even factor in eating out with my husband at least once a week. We’re totally, actually okay.

And yet I feel “restricted” by my budget because I’ve pretty much cut out all the big fun. I still make room for travelling, family events and gift giving, but some of my favorite big ticket items are gone, and today I’m mourning my loss. Give me some room to grieve, okay? Continue reading

I Went Shopping For The First Time In Over 3 Years

So I’m trying to stay organized concerning the move and the new job. Realistically, I needed clothes. I have never, ever been the type to enjoy shopping, or clothes or makeup or shoes or purses. It’s just not me. At all. In college I was a jeans and t-shirt and Chucks kind of girl. When I started working here at the cell phone store, the dress was business casual. I kind of enjoyed looking nice for work and putting outfits together, in that it was a fun challenge. I used to buy a new top here and there from time to time, but never really “went shopping.” If I wanted a new top, I’d go to Forever 21 (cheap and cute) pick one out, try it on, and pay for it. In and out in 20 minutes. Continue reading

The Truth About The New Job

Edit: Someone commented on a previous post something like, “wow you’ve had a lot of wins lately.” My gut reaction was, “but man, I struggle a lot sometimes, too.” I’m very grateful for all of y’all’s support and encouragement but decided to post this in an attempt to show that I’m real. It’s easy to make a blog seem like all rainbows and sunshine, but that’s not real life and that was never my intent. The stupid IRS thing is still plaguing me, and the awesome job promotion has come with its fair share of stress.



I’m starting a new job in January and I’m very happy to have gotten it. But a lot of factors surrounding it are stressing me out. Continue reading

Small Victories: Paying Off My First Credit Card

I had a really lovely day yesterday.  After the long Black Friday hours, I was exhausted and maybe starting to feel sick.  It was my day off but it was the last day of the month.  I really felt like I should go in to work, but ultimately I decided to instead stay home and let my body recuperate.  Kirsten recently wrote about finding work-life balance during the holidays, and I feel like I´m starting to find my own balance between really hustling at work, and being happy with the time I have at home.

The cookies we baked

The cookies we baked

I was torn about what to do but what sealed the deal was when Saturday night Michael took my hands in his and told me to sit down, we needed to have a serious conversation.  I figured he was joking–but who doesn´t get nervous when their partner says that?! Continue reading

Small Victories: Paying for Travels with Real Money

Thankful to get to spend time with my sweet niece

Thankful to get to spend time with my sweet niece

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! We normally run the Turkey Day Race in New Orleans’ City Park, but at 7am we decided it was too cold to go out, and well, we do it for fun, not to be miserable–so we stayed in. In the afternoon the sun came out, and it ended up being a lovely day. We had lunch at Michael’s aunt’s house, and it was nice to see his mom’s side of the family.

At work, Black Friday was a blast. It always is! We’re super busy all day, customers are buying and everyone is having fun. Also, we always do a potluck on Black Friday, and everyone shows off and brings their best dish. Continue reading