Accidental Accountabilibuddies and My Two-Week No-Spend Challenge

I’m writing this because I really, really, really want to go downstairs for coffee, snacks, lunch, Red Bull, a sandwich, anything!  I’m fighting the urge and I know this is a #firstworldproblems kind of day, but so be it.

Due to some events and family things, I drove home the last three weekends in a row.  This kind of messed with my week-day dynamic, in good ways and bad.  It was great to see my hubby and my mom–it was not so good for my checking account.  On the one hand, for three weeks in a row I knew I was going home that weekend, so my weeks felt like they were only M-Th.  But on the other hand, on F-Su Michael and I would eat with our families or eat out, and this got pretty spendy.


Prior to this, I had been going to the grocery store more frequently than I ever did before I moved.  I’d been going about every other day or so and checking out with only 4-5 items.  This way I’d only buy the things I needed and would not have the mindset of “this is for the next two weeks so I’d better stock up.”  It  was working for me, for the most part.  I have a grocery list but every time I’d consult it, I’d think, “no, the x and y can wait til next time” and so I’d only buy the things I really, really needed.  The problem with going to the grocery store often is that, well I run out of supplies in a day or two.  And that’s what happened last week. Continue reading

The Truth About The New Job

Edit: Someone commented on a previous post something like, “wow you’ve had a lot of wins lately.” My gut reaction was, “but man, I struggle a lot sometimes, too.” I’m very grateful for all of y’all’s support and encouragement but decided to post this in an attempt to show that I’m real. It’s easy to make a blog seem like all rainbows and sunshine, but that’s not real life and that was never my intent. The stupid IRS thing is still plaguing me, and the awesome job promotion has come with its fair share of stress.



I’m starting a new job in January and I’m very happy to have gotten it. But a lot of factors surrounding it are stressing me out. Continue reading