Small Victories: No Credit Cards and Bacon

I’m happy to have a new month upon us. I’ve successfully completed two months credit card free and come out alive on the other side. I’m starting out on my debt repayment path and I’m definitely feeling some good momentum rolling. Small victories.



Also, this might sound extremely silly, but I withstood the temptation to renew my bacon of the month subscription!

It’s as awesome as it sounds, and if you can afford it, you should check it out! To tempt you all I will mention it in all its glory here: ! A friend of mine from high school quit his job as a lawyer and road tripped across the country buying up the best bacons he could find from butchers in small towns for the sake of starting his new business. He now ships out these wonderful bacons to his subscribers every month and it’s great. They’re so good. Over the last six months we got jalapeño bacon, pepper bacon, Applewood bacon, and so many more. They were all great.

I want to support him, and I love the bacons, but the subscription price I would have had to pay to renew just wasn’t in my budget this month. I thought about putting it on a credit card. I really did. But then I remembered how proud of myself I was for not using cards in two months–I didn’t want to break the streak. Not for this. And the deadline passed and I didn’t order the bacon and you know what happened? Nothing. The world didn’t end. My friend wasn’t angry. I can still prepare delicious meals at home without the bacon. And I just felt so much relief. Small victories.

What small victories are you celebrating today? Do you have any favorite subscriptions you love to indulge in?

Comment here.

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